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 Madame Alexander 14 inch Sleeping Beauty (vintage)

 Madame Alexander 14 inch Cinderella (vintage)

 Madame Alexander Fairy Godmother 14 inch MIB (vintage)

 Madame Alexander 12 inch Cleopatra and Marc Anthony (vintage)

 Madame Alexander 12 inch Napoleon and Josephine (vintage)

 Madame Alexander Scarlett white (8 inch)

 Madame Alexander Scarlett white dress (14 inch)

 Madame Alexander Portrette Scarlett in rags MIB (12 inch)

 Madame Alexander Gone with the Wind Bonnie Blue MIB (14 inch)

 Holiday Barbie 1998 MIB

 Madame Alexander Moptop Annie MIB 8 inch

 It's a Wonderful Life ZuZu doll, personally autographed MIB

 Disney Limited Edition Poor Cinderella, MIB

 Disney Limited Edition Cinderella & Prince set, both MIB

 Talking Freddy Krueger from 'Nightmare on Elm Street' MIB 18 inch

 Madame Alexander Queen Elizabeth MIB (8 inch)

 Madame Alexander Knight in armor MIB (8 inch)

 Effanbee George Burns MIB 16 inch with 'Sunshine Boys' VHS

 '68 Special Elvis MIB

 Jailhouse Rock Elvis MIB

 Teen Idol Elvis MIB



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