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Wow! You want to know more about little ol' me? I feel honored. I work in internet development and E-commerce.   I'm now married to a wonderful man named Steve. (click here to go to our wedding website) I love to sing, Karaoke included, and I also enjoy dancing when I have time.

From my homepage, you can probably tell I'm into Christian drama. I really enjoy acting...and also writing. I'm trying to increase my "writing skills" and come up with different skits, duets or monologues. If you know of any really good web sites to visit that discuss Christian drama, let me know. Also, if you are in a drama company of your own, let me know that too. We would probably have lots to talk about! Click here to see my drama web site.

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As you can see, I love to dress up. My friends know me as "Snow White".
I have a large collection of every kind of Snow White thing you can think of!

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