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Welcome to Sherry's Web Development Site!

(Under constant renovation to serve you!)

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The purpose of this site is to provide useful information and resources for the web developer.  Whether you are just starting your homepage layout, or ready to get into active server pages (ASP), this site was designed with YOU in mind!  I hope that you will find it useful in your internet development efforts. 

On the site are some tips for new web developers with some advice on planning out your site.  I have also put a page for links on the site for other web development resources. 

Are you "ergonomically" handicapped?  Have the "mouse pad" blues got you hurtin'?   I was diagnosed with scoliosis due to using a mouse on a desktop for so many years.   My doctor recommended that I get a "lap" based mouse pad.  I found two sources on the net for something like this--they aren't easy to find.  They are:

Also, I found that putting my laptop up on a slant made it easier to type, plus it elevated my screen to where I could see it without sitting "hunched" over.  These were hard to find as well.  I actually prefer a footrest with carpet on it at present, but I did find a couple of laptop holders, one is for your lap and one is for either your lap or desktop.