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http://www.asp101.com - BEST beginner ASP site on the net!!!!

http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop - web development workshop on the Microsoft site

http://members.tripod.com/~activecontrol - site on ActiveX controls

http://www.cybernettix.vuurwerk.nl/index.html - one of the better sites for animated gifs

http://www.barrysclipart.com - a site for clipart

http://www.nzwwa.com/mirror/clipart - a little of everything...clipart, animated gifs, etc.

http://www.vbscripts.com - a site on VBScript

http://javascript.internet.com - a site on JavaScript

http://www.javascripts.com - another site on JavaScript

http://www.ntwebhosting.com - domain hosting (this is who I have my site hosted by)

http://www.fotosearch.com - Royalty Free Stock Image Bank