Our New Baby!!

"Brandon Scott Marshall"
born February 10th at 8:18am
6 lbs. 14 oz.
18 1/2 in. long




We took Brandon, now 14 months, and had our portraits made!

My favorite!

We got him smiling!

How peaceful it is here...

Brandon and his Daddy!

Fun with Daddy!

Brandon and his Mommy!
The family...

These are some BIG blocks!

Now don't fall...

A day at the beach...

I'm ready to go swimming!


Our visit to Scarborough Faire in 2008...

Arriving at the Faire...everyone wanted the little Paladin Prince's picture!
Just take the picture already!

Mom's try at imagery...

We met up with some friends at the Faire and they took a family picture for us.
A proper horse for a proper knight...

AHA! There is the scoundrel that stole my bottle!
I shall challenge him to a duel! Just let me ready my sword...

Fine, fine. The blade is just sharp enough to run him through!
Oh...there he goes! He better run away, if he knows what's best for him! Coward!!
My sword and I will be waiting...

He is growing so FAST!

Camo baby! Where's my gun?


Who, me??

Mr. Smiley

Daddy and I at Sammy's 3rd birthday party! Time to test out this shirt...

Hey, what do you know? This "chick magnet" shirt really works!

Mommy's favorite knight and dragon shirt!

Worn out!

Easter Sunday, 2008

Happy Easter, Daddy!

Happy Easter, Mommy!

St. Patrick's Day, 2008

They got their green shirts on!!

Lucky and Charming!

Brandon's First Birthday Party! He is ONE year old TODAY!!

Birthday Boy and Mommy
Birthday Boy and Daddy

Birthday Boy and Aunt Melissa
Birthday Boy and Pappy

Birthday Boy and Haley
Time to open the presents!

Birthday inspection...

Daddy's Helper shirt...

Now he's got it...rip that paper!
Mom loves the knight & dragon shirt!

I think I like this birthday thing!
Smile for the camera!

One for Mom...a booster chair!
To the beat of my own drum!

Brandon's own homemade castle cake!

Ready with 'Prince' crown and all!
What do I do?

OK...I'll start here

Good cake! Great Birthday!

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