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ten months old
first Christmas
first Thanksgiving
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seven month portraits
six months old
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Company Picnic
John & Jennifer's house
six weeks photos

Easter 2007
Scarborough Faire
Gayle's photos
work shower
favorite dress-up pics
home from the hospital
hospital photos
baby shower
the pregnancy

Brandon is 10 months!

Daddy and son being silly!
Ain't I cool?

Brandon's First Christmas!!

Brandon's first visit with Santa...
"For Christmas Santa, I want lots and lots of bottles!"
Thank you for the candy cane, Santa!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Brandon's First Thanksgiving!
Aunt Melissa and her nephew

Did someone say "dessert"?
Are you gonna finish that, Nana?

Take my hand and let's give thanks to God
Pappy and his grandson

Gayle gives Brandon his first cookie!
It's the traditional "Lord of the Rings" trivia-thon!

Brandon's first Halloween!!

First Halloween!!
Have you seen this outlaw on the "Wanted" poster?
As town sheriff, I gotta catch him!

There he is! I'm gonna get him now!
I caught that good fer nothin' outlaw
in my horse-drawn sheriff's stagecoach!!

Mommy and her outlaw!
Well, I guess I better bring
both of these characters in!

It's OK...I got a license to glide!
Brandon loves his walker!

Would you like fries with that?
Hang on...let me just ring up your order.

Check out my new set of wheels!

We just had some portraits done...he is seven months now, almost eight!

Don't you love a man in uniform?
My little preppy boy!

A day at the lake...
Bath time!

He's a rootin', tootin' cowboy!
Yes, Lord?

My baby is six months old now! He is growing so fast!

Gayle, Ashley and Haley took Brandon to NRH20!

Strike a pose!

Brandon won a weekly baby contest with this photo.
Now I have submitted an additional photo
and he moves onto the regional contest!

Mother's Day dedication at church and lunch with family...

And Father's Day...

The CONEXIS Company Picnic!

My friends John and Jennifer's house...

John is being silly and Jaden wants Brandon's hat!
Uh-oh! Jaden's got Brandon's hat!

Brandon's six week photos...

They told me I wouldn't be photographed!
I wish I had known!

Easter pictures!

Mom and Brandon and I in the bluebonnets!

It's the "EASTER BABY"!

4/8/07--Trip to Scarborough Faire on Easter Sunday...

The Royal Family!
Sir Brandon smiles!

My little Prince...
I'm gonna grow up to be just like my Daddy!

A royal jousting chariot!
Kickin' back after a hard day of fighting...

Pictures my sister-in-law Gayle took:

Ashley's favorite!
Haley's favorite!

Next up to bat!

My work baby shower!

My Dad came from downstairs! How fun!
My good friends who threw the shower, Sabrina and Andria!

Some of my other favorite pics...

Palm Sunday
The Honorable "Reverend Brandon"

From Brandon's 1st road Arkansas:
Sleeping on St. Paddy's Day
Stealng an Irish kiss!

Isn't he an angel!

A natural born All Star!
Yee-haw...ride'em cowboy!

My "preppy" kid!
Brandon and Jaden, John and Jennifer's son in matching outfits
...Jaden is 2 months older than Brandon

Nana and grandson
Ashley, Melissa, Haley and Brandon

Now that we are home, it doesn't mean the pictures stop!

Aunt Gayle...
Uncle Mike...

Proud Pappy!
Like Grandfather like Grandson...

The Marshall family

Our kitties love Brandon too!
My little Prince and Princess!

My baby boy!

Some preemie "dress up" pics...


Take a look at the 3D photo compared to this photo of Brandon. Look how much he looks like his sonogram photo! He still likes to have his hand up by his face like he did in the womb.

Picture taken at the hospital at 4 days old.

2/10/07--37 weeks--HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON! He is healthy and beautiful! Here is a little recap of Brandon's birthday weekend at the hospital:

Saturday morning--Ready to go!
February 10th at 8:18am--"Hello World!"

Mom's first look...
Our first family photo!

Brandon had to be put into NICU for a few days to remove some fluid from his lungs and for observation. He is still adorable!
We are now a family instead of a couple!

First feeding...
Grandma's first look at her first grandbaby!

Proud parents!
Proud grandparents!

Proud grandma!
Proud granddad!

Ashley and her new cousin...
Haley and her new cousin...

Happy Nana!
Nana and her three grandkids!

Me and my friend Jennifer and our two angels.
Ready for picture day at the hospital!

Father and son...
Going home!

My baby shower!

Fun day!
My little Prince!
The punch fountain was a hit!
What a spread!
Let the games begin!
My nieces want to win!

Of course it says "I love Mommy!"
How cute!
Just what I wanted!
Darlene hand made this blanket and hat herself!

Here is a look back at the pregnancy:  

We are having a baby!

2/8/07--37 weeks--The doctor said he would like to have the delivery this Saturday the 10th! Brandon will be born c-section. They will check me in tomorrow evening the 9th. February 10th sounds like a good birthday!

2/4/07--36 weeks--The wants to put me in the hospital this afternoon for 24 hours of observation for my vitals. I would prefer to only go when I can come home with a baby!

2/1/07--36 weeks--The doctor said I am doing better than the last few visits and wants me to go home and continue to rest. So that means no baby today. I will see him again on Monday and Thursday of next week. He thinks next week will be the week for the baby (but he said that about this week!)

1/29/07--36 weeks--The doctor let me go home for more rest. He is still concerned about my blood pressure, but he wants me to keep resting and come back this Thursday. And he said to keep my bags packed!

1/25/07--35 weeks--Well, after some tests today, the doctor has told me to officially leave work on maternity. He thinks it will only be another week before delivery. Oh my goodness!! He is watching my vitals very closely, especially my blood pressure. I just want the baby to be healthy, so I would rather wait as long as possible.

1/23/07--35 weeks--we had another sonogram, but no good pics really. He is no longer breech...yeah! The doctor thinks he will be two to three weeks early, though! Yikes...I still have so much to do! They say he is now 5 and 1/2 pounds. It's amazing they can tell that already!

1/10/07--33 weeks--we had the 3D sonogram. Unfortunatley he had turned breech over the last week and the nurse had to image out his feet and hands from his face to get this was the best one. But he is still a cutie, eh?

1/3/07--32 weeks--we got a 3D pic! Next week we get the whole 3D sonogram. Isn't he cute? The nurse and Steve agreed that he has my nose!


12/12/06--28 weeks--I got to see him yawn twice in the doctor's office on the sonogram! He was so cute! can see his face!


11/14/06--24 weeks--Everything is still looking good. Here is a profile shot.

10/17/06--20 weeks--It's a boy! We really thought it was a girl...imagine our surprise! But we plan to have two children anyway. He is healthy and his heartbeat is still strong...everything looks normal.


9/19/06--16 weeks--Another doctor's appointment today. No picture today...but the baby's heartbeat is good and strong.

We have had a wonderful milestone recently after getting back some test results! The doctor did a picture test and a blood test for "Down's Syndrome", and a normal reading for someone in say their 20's is a 1 in 3000 chance. For someone my age, the risk goes way up, 1 in 250. After these two tests were done, my risk came back 1 in 4500!!! Better than someone in her twenties! Praise God...this is a blessed baby!

8/22/06--12 weeks--I had my "end of the first trimester" doctor's appointment today--hooray! The "danger zone" is over! I love this picture...the baby is waving at us! "Hi Mom!"

8/7/06--10 weeks--I had my second doctor's appointment today. This picture is a little can make out the head and body and feet!

7/17/06--8 weeks--I had my first doctor's appointment today! The baby's heart is this little flutter that goes so fast! These pictures don't show you much but a little blob. But soon we will see more.

The families are very excited. I told my parents by giving them each a gift bag with the following:


6/23/06--I'M PREGNANT!!! Statistics show I'm 5 weeks, but really it's two less than the "scientific" set time. They count the first day of your last cycle as the beginning, which is really 2 weeks prior to conception in this case (which was June 4th). But alas, they still count those "pre" two weeks.