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6/12/2003 6:52:05 PM
Name: Sherry
Comments: Testing my new wedding guestbook!!!
6/17/2003 8:19:27 PM
Name: Darlene McPherson
Comments: Sherry,this is beautiful! you've done a great job-as always! i wish you and Steve much happiness in your life together!
9/10/2003 10:16:22 AM
Name: Karen Pablos
Comments: Hey you two! Great engagement ring! It's to die for. :) And the site is smashing to. I wish you all the best forever - your planned wedding day is set for the day before mine and Ben's (24th Oct). Great minds think alike, eh? ;) All the best, Karen, Ben & family xxxx
9/10/2003 1:50:47 PM
Name: David Brandon
Comments: A beautiful couple enhanced by an excellently designed website. Must be the product of some very specical parents. Best wishes for a wonderful wedding...David Brandon (Sherry's dad)
9/16/2003 5:16:38 PM
Name: Mairi
Comments: To Sherry & Steve ~ Congratulations to you both. I think your plans for your special day are wonderful and it promises to be almost as special as the pair of you ~ have a fantastic day..and an even happier life together ~ Mairi
1/11/2004 10:43:37 PM
Name: Princess326
Comments: I love the serving set you are going to use. Can you tell me where you got it from? I can't seem to find it online. Thanks, Ashley (Princess326 on
3/18/2004 6:37:54 PM
Name: Traelynn
Comments: Very nice looking couple are you! Congradulations!
4/25/2004 9:22:08 PM
Name: Kellie Stockton Castle
Comments: Sherry and Steve, Bart and I are so happy for you. Your website is so pretty and we love the "Castle" theme...ha. Your wedding will truely be a "One of a kind." Congratulations! Bart, Kellie, Ashton, Alexys, and Ashton Castle
5/7/2004 4:08:54 PM
Comments: I love your pictures!! We did a Cinderella theme wedding in October....It waS WONDERFUL!! Check out her pictures on:
6/29/2004 4:13:25 PM
Name: LeSha
Comments: I love your website! I am thinking of having my wedding at the Castle Douglas, too and I love all of your ideas for your special day. Best wishes to you and Steve!
8/29/2004 11:24:11 PM
Name: Pam Pierce
Comments: Touching. Special story of special people. Thank you for sharing it. It made me teary. So glad you found each other.
10/7/2004 6:31:05 PM
Name: Wes Farrell
Comments: Hey you two, Had a look at your website and it brought back alot of good memories. I hope your doing good and I just want to say congratulations on your engagement. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make the wedding if that's O.K. Give me a call when you have a chance. (817)-874-6855 If I don't answer please leave a message
10/16/2004 11:11:33 AM
Name: Aimée Jansen
Comments: Dear Sherry and Steve I was just surfing on the internet when is say your site. It's wonderfull! Have a great wedding day and a long and happy life together! Aimée Jansen Amsterdam, Holland (the Netherlands)
5/3/2005 11:05:41 AM
Name: Véro
Comments: I love your site ! But I would like to have the name of the painters, those are such great paintings ! I am a college student and I would love to use them as an essay subject but I need to know who painted it... please write me an email at : Thank you !!
7/14/2005 4:58:36 PM
Name: Wes Farrell
Comments: Not sure if you are still checking this website. Just wondering how you two are doing. Call me at 817-874-6855 or E-mail me at
8/17/2005 10:55:04 PM
Name: Gloria
Comments: I found your page by accident but I ABSOLUTELY love it! You both are a great and FUN couple. Many good wishes! The Bride looked stunning and all of your guests looked so happy!
11/29/2005 2:00:25 PM
Name: TommyD
Comments: Great site, guys! is great also!