October 23, 2004

We'd both like to say "thank you" for taking the time to visit our site. 
This journey has been a long one, but definitely worth it!  

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Steve and I both went to the same junior high and high school in Euless, Texas...but we never knew each other!  He knew my best friend, but not me.  Then in 1996, we met in the Young Adults Sunday School class at Calvary Temple in Irving, Texas.  I'll never forget the day Steve auditioned for 'In His Image' drama.  I was at the sign up table and I said, "Hey, I know you!"  Performing in dramas here and there for the church, we were both eventually cast in the church dinner theater called "Don't Drink the Water".  I became pretty taken with him during this time.  :)   About five months later, we started dating.  After three months, we parted as friends and continued to act together in the drama ministry, which was a very important part of both of our lives.  He was even cast as Jesus and I as the adulterous woman! Then in November of 2001, Steve asked me back into his life...and the rest is history!  It's been a bumpy ride thus far, too.  We've since suffered job layoffs, the fall of the drama ministry and also completely changing churches...but we are still together! Steve proposed the Friday before my birthday, August 29, 2003. He got down on one knee, presented me with his mother's and grandmother's wedding rings as a symbol and asked me to marry him. We went ring shopping on my actual birthday, September 2nd and he asked my father for my hand in marriage that same day. It was a great birthday! On the right is my beautiful engagement ring...it's a heart of course!